[FREE DOWNLOAD] Jason Paul Rogers- From ZERO Idea to 7 Figure Acquisition

From Zero Idea to 7-Figure Acquisition
A Step-By-Step Program Walking You Through How to Create Wealth Through Buying a 7-Figure Business with Stable Cashflow & Be Well-Positioned to Buy Many More Thereafter… With NO Money of Your Own, NO Prestigious B-School Degree, and NO Impressive Executive Business Experience To Speak Of… I KNOW BECAUSE I DID IT…
Tax Deductible Once You Legally Form Your Company
Monthly Zoom Calls with me (Jason) and Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs
My Vault of Calls & Role Plays with Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs
As the Acquisition Entrepreneurs in This Program and I Buy More Companies We Will Continue to Upload Best Practices (only the methods that actually work!)
Access to the Members-Only Group with Jason and Other
Acquisition Entrepreneurs
Everything I Know in One Program
Bottom Line: This is the Only Program You’ll Ever Need on Buying Businesses.
The Intro: Creating Wealth Through Buying
Intro Video: Keeping It Real With You (What It Takes)
A Little About My Story, Why Having NO Experience Won’t Stop You
Buying an Existing Business vs. Creating One From Scratch (I Created More Net Worth For Myself in 7 – 9 Months Than in 3 Years When Starting a Business From Scratch)
How Many Businesses Can You Buy? (How Ever Many You Want – The First One is the Hardest!)
How to Make Profitable Acquisitions in ANY Economic Period You Buy
The Power of a Suit and Tie, What You Should Wear and Why
The Suit & Tie vs. Blue Collar Clothing Explained (When to Wear What)
How To Get the Most Out of This Course
Module 1: Everything You Need to Know About Picking an Industry and Creating a Bulletproof Investment Thesis So Your Growth Potential Isn’t Slowed or Unprofitable
Intro: Everything You Need to Know in 2020 About Picking an Industry / The Punchline
How to Create, Frame, & Sell Your Investment Thesis (Important for Bankers, Board, Sellers, and EVERYONE Else!)
A List of Sectors to Consolidate (with My Analysis)
Economic Attributes of a Strong Sector to Consolidate (Extremely Important)
Low vs. High Multiple Industries: What You Need to Know
Low vs. High Multiple Industries: Deeper Analysis with Examples
Very Important Final Considerations for Creating Your Investment Thesis (DON’T Pick That Industry If…)
Simple vs. Complicated Industry? A Very Important Distinction and How to Decide What You Should Do
Choosing an Industry and Crafting a Strong Investment Thesis (©️ Jason Rogers)
Low vs. High Multiple Industry Analysis (©️ Jason Rogers)
Module 2: Everything You Need to Know About How to Recruit a World-Class Team WITHOUT Wasting a Ton of Time or Equity
“If I have seen further than other men, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton
Intro: The Most Important Thing No One Will Tell You to Push You Forward and Stop WASTING Time & Equity
The Entire Truth About Advisory Boards, What I’ve Tried That DOESN’T Work vs. What DOES Work Extremely Well and Saves You… (FROM ACTUAL EXPERIENCE unlike most of the other people talking online)
Don’t “Fake It Till Ya Make It.” Do THIS Instead…
How You Should Name Your Team / Advisory Board
What You Need to Know and How to Ensure Your Board Members Perform on Par with Their Compensation (Updated 2020 Insight from My Experience)
What Actually Matters in 2020: (1) One of the Problems with Free Founders Equity that You Need to Be Aware of, (2) Should You Recruit a Chairman, (3) The BEST Board Composition for Your First Couple of Deals, (4) Attributes of Good vs. Bad Board Members from Experience
Your Board: Why You Want One and the Leverage It Provides You With
Advisory Board vs. Board of Directors: What You Need to Know (an Important Distinction)
The Basics of Building a Board: What You Need to Be Successful
Carrots to Allure Board Members, The Power of LinkedIn, & How Much Equity to Give
Insight to Dominate the Board Recruitment Process
Call One: How to Captivate Candidates On Your First Call
Second Meeting: How to Weed Out the A-Quality Candidates from The Rest
The Domino Effect: How to Use Momentum to Your Favor
The Final Meeting: Tying the Knot with the Best Candidates
Setting Expectations for Your Team UP FRONT
Talking to Billionaires, Closing the Board, Board Dynamics & Next Steps
Why “Speed Kills” When Building a Board
How To Let Go of an Underperforming Board Member (or an Equity Holder)
How To Completely Automate the Initial LinkedIn Reach-Out for Board Candidates
Getting LinkedIn Recruiter for Free – 2020 Update
How to Use LinkedIn Recruiter – 2020 Update
Screen Recording on How to Cold Message for Industry Experts / Board Members / License Holders on LinkedIn & Script (share this video with your virtual assistant and have them do it for you!)
The Exact Powerpoint Presentation on the Investment Thesis of Brighter Living Properties That Jason Presented to Board Candidates (©️ Jason Rogers)
2nd Real Example of a Powerpoint Presentation to Board Members of an Investment Thesis for a Rollup in a Different Industry (©️ Jason Rogers)
Personally and Strategically Crafted Initial Cold Reach-Out Message to Chair Candidates (©️ Jason Rogers)
Personally and Strategically Crafted Initial Cold Reach-Out Message to Board Candidates (©️ Jason Rogers)
Personally and Strategically Crafted Message to Board Candidates to Schedule 1st Call (©️ Jason Rogers)
Personally and Strategically Crafted Message to Board Candidates to Schedule 2nd Call (©️ Jason Rogers)
Personally and Strategically Crafted Closing Message to Board Candidates (©️ Jason Rogers)
Personally and Strategically Crafted Confirmation of Equity Email to Board Members (©️ Jason Rogers)
Industry Expert Initial Message & Follow Up Script (©️ Jason Rogers)
Example Parent Company Equity Distribution Table (©️ Jason Rogers)
Properly Written LinkedIn Biography Statement Example (©️ Jason Rogers)
Properly Written LinkedIn Company Mission Statement/Description Example (©️ Jason Rogers)
Cold Message Script for Reaching Out to License Holders (©️ Jason Rogers)
5 Keys to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile (©️ Jason Rogers)
Module 3: Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting World-Class Accounting Representation So You Are Strongly Protected While Avoiding Exorbitant Fees (What Matters vs. Fluff & BS)
Intro: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Sure Your Accounting Needs Are In Check For Your First Acquisition (EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO FOR YOUR FIRST ACQUISITION)
There is a Ton of BS Out There On This Topic: Here’s What You NEED to Know & SHOULD Do
Preview: Use Your Board to Meet Accounting Firms?
Reach Out to Local Branches
The 3 Accounting Needs You Will Have (Tax, Audit, Due Diligence, + Bookkeeping)
The Tiers of Accounting Firms Explained (Big 4, National, Regional, Local)
Big 4 Firm vs. Regional Firm? Success Fee Basis vs. In House? Let’s Discuss…
How to Expertly Navigate the 1st Phone Call
How to Meet Accounting Firms in Person
How to Close A Top Accounting Firm
Meeting with Top Accounting Firms: Notes and Questions to Ask So They Know You’re Someone Worth Talking To and Someone That Deserves a Success-Fee Agreement (Includes Advice from One of Jason’s Board Members Who Was a Partner at a Big 4 Accounting Firm) (©️ Jason Rogers)
Email Script Jason Personally and Strategically Crafted to Secure an Engagement from a Big 4 Accounting Firm (©️ Jason Rogers)
Phone Script Jason Personally and Strategically Crafted to Secure an Engagement from a Big 4 Accounting Firm (©️ Jason Rogers)
Email of Intent Jason Personally and Strategically Crafted to Secure an Engagement from a Big 4 Accounting Firm (©️ Jason Rogers)
Module 4: Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting World-Class Legal Protection for Your First Transactions (Including What Few Know and No One Will Tell You So You Avoid Paying Exorbitant Fees)
Intro: What NO ONE Will Tell You About Getting Legal Representation For Your First Deals (The Punchline)
Selecting Legal Representation (Jason’s Updated Insight – May 2020)
Preview for Recruiting a Top Law Firm
Outlining Your Legal Needs
LLC vs. C-Corp, Big Law Firm vs. Single Lawyer, Corporate Structuring, and Negotiating a Success Fee Basis
Tiers of Law Firms, Reaching Out, First Impressions, & Selling The Success Fee Basis
Mastering the In-Person Legal Meetings & Selecting an Ideal Law Firm
Final Point on Securing Legal Services
Script Jason Crafted to Successfully Meet with Top Law Firms (©️ Jason Rogers)
Module 5: Cultivate Endless Deal Flow in an Efficient Matter, Fluff & BS vs. What Works (Deal Flow is Arguably the Most Important Thing)
Intro: The MOST IMPORTANT Thing About Deal Flow
The Variety of Different Ways to Find Seller Lists and Some Other Key Concepts About Deal Flow
Common Traps & Time Wasters to Avoid When Searching for Deals
How to Efficiently Cold Call Businesses and Fill Your Pipeline (ASK THESE QUESTIONS!)
Identifying Motivated Sellers vs. Pretenders So You Don’t Waste Your Time and You Stay Focused on High Probability Prospects
Meeting Motivated Sellers in Person (Why and How You Should Do This)
What You Need to Know About Connecting with Sellers… So They Actually Like You Enough to Sell You Their Successful Company (Rural v Big City, Blue v White Collar, 7 v 8+ Figure)
On Building a “Deal Hunting” Sales Team
Automation Secret: Find Motivated Sellers on Autopilot with this Automation Software Service
Method That No One Knows to Procuring FREE Company Contact Info Lists with Ability to Search/Sort by Revenue, # of Employees, Location, and Industry. Also, Where to Find a List of Brokers.
How to Find the Email and Phone Number of Virtually Any Company CEO or Owner… Most People Don’t Know This (Hack for Endless Deal Flow). Also, How to Find Investors. (+ scripts)
Cold Calling Business Owners and Others with Efficiency (+ how to setup a free office phone)
Hot Leads Database/CRM Template to Stay Organized (©️ Jason Rogers)
Standard Sales Person Agreement Jason Used to Obtain Help Searching for Hot Deals (©️ Jason Rogers)
Cold Calling Script We Used to Engage with Owners to Obtain Off-Market Deal Flow (©️ Jason Rogers)
List of Retirement Hot Spots (Important for Those Looking to Do Deals in Retirement Related Industries Like Healthcare) and List of Cities with Major Economic Growth.
How and Where to Obtain Business Data for Your Industry to get Deal Flow (©️ Jason Rogers)
Prospective Business Owner Initial Cold Email Script #1 (©️ Jason Rogers)
Prospective Business Owner Initial Cold Email Script #2 (©️ Jason Rogers)
Prospective Business Owner Follow Up Message w/ Formal Request for Financials (©️ Jason Rogers)
Email Script to Broker or Investment Banker That Finds Deals In Your Sector (©️ Jason Rogers)
Emailing a Broker to Schedule an In-Person Meeting Script
Module 6: Analyzing Investments, Business Valuation, and Performing Due-Diligence: What You Need to Know to be Successful (Go to the Vault for More on This)
Intro: Basically Everything You Need to Know About Small Cap Valuation So You Can Make a Profitable First Acquisition
What Makes a Great Business Acquisition… The 12 Pillars of Investment (Warren Buffett Would Say This is the Most Important Lesson)
How to Identify The Average “Going Rate” for Businesses In Your Sector
Identifying the Key Levers that Influence Precise Value
How to Value Businesses Fast & Give Snap Offers (and When You Should Do So)
Pitfalls to Avoid When Evaluating Business
Analyzing the Financials of a Multi-Million Dollar Midwest Deal
Analyzing the Financials of a Multi-Million Dollar North Carolina Deal
Analyzing “Promised” Financials vs. Reported Tax Return Financials
The Problem With “Cooked/Deflated” Tax Returns (What You Can Do About It To Get the Best Outcome)
Keys to Value Businesses Correctly & How Sellers Can Artificially Inflate Earnings – July 2020 Update
How to Value Real Estate as an Addon to an M&A Business Transaction (or Stand Alone) (Part 1 & 2)
Jason’s Latest Financial Model (excel spreadsheet) That Was Used for Recently Proposed $2M+ Transaction with SBA + Seller Financing
Personally Crafted Investment Checklist with Investment Principles Learned From the Experience of Buying a 7-Figure Business, Looking at a LOT of Deals in Multiple Sectors, and the Philosophies of Warren Buffett and Sam Zell (©️ Jason Rogers)
Micro-Focused Due Diligence Checklist We Use (©️ Jason Rogers)
Macro-Focused Due Diligence Checklist We Use (©️ Jason Rogers)
Covid-19 Specific Due Diligence Checklist/Questionnaire
Module 7: How to Negotiate Price and Terms with Sellers Like a Veteran Dealmaker
Two Negotiation “Paths” to The Same Result
Never Forget This… & How to Make an Offer and Control the Negotiation
The Best Negotiators Do This and So Do I (… & Why It Works)
The Terms That Underwrite the Purchase: Some Important Points
How to “Sell” Seller Finance (What Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Understand About Getting Seller Finance)
Some Important Points on Finalizing the Terms
Untold Secrets & Stories for Negotiating & Financing Deals
#1 Question to Ask Sellers for Building Rapport…
Advanced Strategies for Building Rapport with Sellers… & The Importance of Rapport as Evidenced by a Huge 8-Figure Deal We Negotiated For…
How to Use the Economy as Negotiation Leverage… Using the Current Economic Climate to Obtain Seller Finance or Outside Equity
NDA Template We Used
Example of a Signed NDA with a Seller
Example of a Real 4+ Million Dollar Offer Letter From Jason (For a Seller With Which You Have Strong Rapport)
Purchase of Sale Agreement Template
Example of a Real Purchase of Sale Agreement with Reference to Negotiable Items
Module 8: How to Sell Your Deals to Banks and Get Lenders Competing to Finance Your Acquisition (Including the Seller)
How to Find the BEST Banks to Call and WHY These Are the Best Banks
How to “Warm Up” Banks Before Your Deal Is Ready to Go, Questions You Should Be Asking
Must Know Financial Terms to Impress Bankers
Qualifying Banks Once Your Deal is Ready… Putting Bankers in the Hot Seat with These Questions
How and Why You Call EVERY ___________ … (Extremely Important) & How You Can Leverage What They Tell You
A Boss Move if You Need to Get a Bank Meeting ASAP, Other Ruthless Tactics to Negotiate with Banks, & Do This One Thing to Get Banks To Compete for Your Deal (… BANKS HAVE TO LOAN OUT MONEY)
How to Master the In-Person Bank Meeting
Do You Need a “Business Plan” or a “Loan Package?”
Should You Guarantee the Loan?
How to Easily Get a Loan With Terrible Credit
The Importance of Appraisals for Procuring Finance
The Secret to Securing the Finance for the Deal
How to Execute an SBA & Seller Finance Combination Deal Structure (The Two Easiest Forms of Debt Packaged Into One Transaction)
How to Raise Equity Legally
How to Fix Your Credit Score
Inside the Mind of the Lender/Banker… How Lenders/Bankers Will Look at the Financials You Present to Them
Personally and Strategically Crafted Phone Scripts to Sell Banks on Your Deal and Questions to Ask (©️ Jason Rogers)
Personally and Strategically Crafted Introductory Follow-up Email Script to Send to Banks (©️ Jason Rogers)
Meeting with Financial Institutions – Questions and Notes to Ensure Your Acquisition Gets Financed (©️ Jason Rogers)
Loan Package/Business Plan for Our First Deal (©️ Jason Rogers)
How to Find Lenders on LinkedIn Script (©️ Jason Rogers)
Module 9: Everything You Need to Secure an SBA 7(a) Loan for Your Acquisition (for US Only)
Introduction To SBA 7(a) Loan – What You Need to Know
Required Form – SBA 7(a) Borrower Information Form
Required Form – Statement of Personal History
Required Form – Personal Finances Form
Required Form – SBA Owner/Management Resume Template
Example of an SBA Loan Packet Form and Information Required from an American Bank
Example Criteria that an American Bank Requires for Their SBA Loan Program
The Only Other Resource You May Need to Get an SBA Loan
Module 10: How to Raise Equity (Cash) the Right Way So You Can Close on Grade “A” Companies that DON’T & Will NEVER Offer You Significant Seller Finance Because They Can Command Cash From Other Buyers
Should You Fundraise Equity? Let’s Discuss
How to Structure a Fund or Equity for Investors
Where and How to Find Investors (+ a Little Secret on “Pitching” Your Investment)
How to Pitch Your Deal: Everything You Need to Know
How to Close & Secure Capital: Other Tips & How to Be the Prize That Investors Have the Opportunity to Invest In
How to Use ******** to Raise Capital (we are talking access to 1000s of investors & family offices w/ cash ready to deploy… if you know what you’re doing)
Jedi Strategy to Fundraise Equity for Biz & Real Estate Acquisitions (As Seen on Youtube)
The Secret to a Successful First Fund
Finance Structures for Your Deal and Recap on How to Get Your Deal Financed (©️ Jason Rogers)
Jason’s Investor Pitch Deck(©️ Jason Rogers)
Message to Potential Investors (©️ Jason Rogers)
Investor Update Message (©️ Jason Rogers)
How to Find Investors on LinkedIn Script (©️ Jason Rogers)
Formal Investment Letter of Intent & Offer We Use w/ Our Investors (Drafted by Ivy League M&A Lawyer on Jason’s Deal Team)
Module 11: Transitioning to Ownership, Operations, and Scaling Your Business
Business is Ruthless: The Devil IS in the Details in Legal Documents (How I Almost Got Screwed)
How to Master Closing Day
Bringing Your Company to Legal Life, Vesting Schedules, etc.
What You Need To Do Your First Week of Ownership
What You Need To Do Your First Month of Ownership
What You Need To Do The First Year of Ownership & Beyond
Why to Scale & How to Do So
Automating Recruitment, Payroll, HR, & Employee Benefits
On Hiring a CFO, COO, and CEO
“De-Risking” Leveraged Buyouts with Organic Growth, Cross-selling, & Advertising
– How Using a Combination of Cross-selling + M&A can 4x Growth After Making Your First Acquisition
– Importance of / Strategies on… Organic Growth, Marketing, Systems, Extreme Delegation, and Sales to “De-Risk” Highly Leveraged Transactions and Keep Your “Debt to Earnings Ratio” Low to Easily Fund More Acquisitions After Your First (organic growth is pure profit!)
Brighter Living Operating Agreement, Drafted by an Ivy League Trained Lawyer
Management Interview Doc
Free Bonus 1: Jason’s Vault of Recorded Calls and Webinars / Case Studies with Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs
Live Call w/ Student in Quality Control Testing Industry: Managing the Legal Side of Your Board & Business
Live Call w/ Student in Hotel/Hospitality/CRE Industry: Discussing a Real Estate Roll-up
Live Call w/ Student in the Laundromat Industry: How to Recruit Your World-Class Board
Live Call w/ Student (Existing Healthcare Professional with Doctor’s Degree) in the Electronic Medical Records/Healthcare Software & IT
Live Call w/ Student (Existing Engineer) in the Chemical Industry
Live Call w/ One of Jason’s Executives/Shareholders: Insights Into Doing Deals
Compilation of Live Calls: Jason Calling Banks
Role Play: First Call with Board Member – Sell the Vision, Sell the Dream
Role Play: How to Close a Board Member
Role Play: Intro Interview of Banker/Financial Institution – Filling Your Pipeline (plus analysis)
Role Play: Financial Presentation of Deal to Banker (with analysis)
March 2020 M&A Update from Jason:
– Live Call Between Jason and Executive on How to Get Any Seller to Sell You Their Business (Even If It Isn’t For Sale)
– Exactly What Sellers Are Looking For That Will Clearly Separate You From Other Buyers
– How to Deal With Sellers, Brokers, and Bankers If They Bring the Heat
– The Easiest Way to Raise Capital and Create Investors for Life
– How to Go About Conducting Due Diligence
– How Jason Has Been Able to Raise 325k in Investor EQUITY (not debt) for deals in the Last 5 months
April 2020 M&A Update from Jason:
– Doing a Deal for a Dollar/100% Seller Finance – Myth vs Truth
– Important Thoughts on Accounting, Legal, Valuation, Financial Valuation Models
– Coronavirus/Current Market Update (Never Been a Better Time to Hit the Phones!!)
May 2020 M&A Update from Jason:
– Important thoughts on the Competitive Nature of Business
– Analysis of a Deal in Our Pipeline that is Interesting
– Is any Sector a Good Sector?
– Local Competitive Advantage vs. Worldwide vs. National?
– Asset vs. Stock Purchase (What You Need to Know)
– Important thoughts on Big Accounting and Law Firms (for Startups/Rollups)
Free Bonus 2: How to Succeed As a Founder
Successful Selling
Goals & Affirmations
The Top Nine Reasons Why Small Business Acquisitions Fail (From a Stanford Business School Study)
Jason’s Personal Habit Tracking Template (©️ Jason Rogers)
Free Bonus 3: Monthly Zoom Calls with Jason and Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs
Past Zoom Calls:
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 02/20/20
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 03/18/20
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 04/10/20
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 04/26/20
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 05/10/20
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 06/18/20
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 07/25/20
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 08/23/20
Live Call w/ Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs: 09/25/20
Message from Jason: “I can remove anyone from this group of Zoom call members for any reason (and I will if you are a problem). I intend to do Zoom calls for many years into the future and all members are welcomed to join in on the call.”
NEW CHANGE DUE TO THE GROWING NUMBER OF ENTREPRENEURS ON THE MONTHLY ZOOM CALLS: Each member will get 12 months of participation on the monthly Zoom calls. After a certain member has been in the program for 12 months, said member will be allowed to join the Zoom calls to listen in, but he or she will not be able to ask questions. Candidly, 12 months is more than enough time as you will see if you join the program. Jason can only answer so many questions. Many of the Zoom calls in the past have gone over 2 hours. As always, Zoom call recordings will be uploaded into the members area.
Free Bonus 4: Get Access to the Members-Only Group to Connect with Jason and Acquisition Entrepreneurs Across the Globe (Post Questions to Jason and Others, Post Deals You Have Questions On, Deal Structures, Hot Industries, etc.)
Ask Deal-Making Questions, Post Prospective Deals for Analysis, or Ask Questions About the Material

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