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In this course, I teach you everything you need to know in order to start your own 6 figure agency. Following these exact processes I….
Quit my 9-5 within two weeks and made 6 figure profits within 3 months…
I had enough, I needed to take action.. now it’s your turn.
Do you wish you could live a life of financial freedom? To work for yourself. Be able to spend what you want & not even consider the figure. To give your family the world. To travel 5* wherever you want, whenever you want to? You can.
I wasted countless hours of my life banging my head against the wall, falling into the deceit of others.. buying into mis-sold dreams, into pyramid scheme businesses, into wasted investments.. until I found something that finally clicked. Since that day, I have been whole-heartedly committed to help those who are in the same position I was.

Class Curriculum

Module 1 – Introduction To Social Media Marketing
Start Welcome To The Course (5:01)
Start What Is Social Media Marketing? (2:54)
Start What Services To Offer & How To Price Them (5:54)
Start How To Set Up A Company (4:46)
Start Getting Your Head In The Game (3:28)
Module 2 – How To Build A Sales Database
Start The Best Niches To Target (12:42)
Start Who Is The Ideal Prospect? (6:41)
Start Lead Generation Techniques (6:08)
Start Collating Data & Proper Prospecting (7:10)
Start Resource – Sales Database Template
Module 3 – How To Secure Meetings
Start How To Contact Business Owners (1:38)
Start Cold Calling P1 – Fear Of Cold Calling (4:42)
Start Cold Calling P2 – The Bulletproof Script (11:03)
Start Cold Calling P3 – Overcoming Objections (7:20)
Start Inbox Busting Email Strategy (10:48)
Start Groundbreaking Door-To-Door Techniques (3:51)
Start Using Video Outreach To Secure Meetings – NEW Nov 2018 (16:09)
Start Resource – Cold Calling Script
Start Resource – Email & Audit Templates
Module 4 – How To Dominate In Meetings
Start Preparation Is Key (6:45)
Start How To Take Control (6:08)
Start Meeting Strategy P1 – Discovery Stage (8:36)
Start Meeting Strategy P2 – Building Trust (6:23)
Start Meeting Strategy P3 – Presenting Your Services (17:33)
Start Meeting Strategy P4 – Close Like A Boss (12:46)
Start Overcoming Objections (8:21)
Start Signing Your First Client When You Have No Results (5:09)
Start Making It Official (Contracts & Legalities) (8:39)
Start Resource – Proposal / Contract Template
Module 5 – How To Get Kick-Ass Results For Clients
Start Your Responsibilities vs Your Clients (4:13)
Start Gathering Content For Posts & Ads (6:58)
Start How To Put Together A Marketing Strategy (7:18)
Start Introduction To Facebook Advertising (3:33)
Start Introduction To Instagram Advertising (3:13)
Start How To Set Up Your Business On Facebook (8:59)
Start Installing A Facebook Pixel (6:33)
Start How To Schedule Posts (3:10)
Start Creating Ads P1 – Understanding Different Ad Types (Campaigns) (3:33)
Start Creating Ads P2 – Identify Your Audience & Specific Targeting (Ad Sets) (8:06)
Start Creating Ads P3 – Managing Ad Placements (Ad Sets) (5:54)
Start Creating Ads P4 – Writing Great Content (Ad Copy) (11:43)
Start Organising Your Ad Manager (2:54)
Module 6 – Advanced Facebook Marketing
Start Published & Unpublished Page Posts (5:29)
Start Custom Audiences In Ad Manager (6:30)
Start Lookalike Audiences (3:19)
Start How To Split Test (6:48)
Start Optimising Ads For Conversions (4:38)
Module 7 – Comprehensive Marketing Strategies
Start Mastering The Funnel (ClickFunnels Training) (15:00)
Start 2 Week Trial Strategy (15:01)
Start Full Ad Strategy – Any Industry (16:04)
Start Full Ad Strategy – Restaurants (16:57)
Start Full Ad Strategy – Gyms (15:34)
Start Full Ad Strategy – Dentists (7:33)
Start Further Marketing With Messenger Bots (5:05)
Start Resource – All My Funnels
Module 8 – Scale Your Business To 6 Figures Within 3 Months
Start How To Free Up Time (Outsourcing) (14:22)
Start Daily & Weekly Growth Targets (5:54)
Start Eliminating Yourself (The Ultimate Freedom) (5:01)
Start Resource – Target Planner Template
Module 9 – Bonus Lessons & Resources
Start How To Get Free Facebook Page Likes (1:13)
Start How To Create Professional Graphics (3:14)
Start How To Sign Clients Whilst Working Full-Time (4:42)
Start How To Manage Your Agency Whilst Travelling (7:59)
Start Avoiding Complacency & Staying Motivated (5:37)
Start Do You Need A Website For Your Agency?
Start How To Steal Ad Ideas From Other Companies
Start How To Ensure Your Clients Are GDPR Safe
Start How To Set Up Automatic Monthly Client Payments
Start Course Summary (2:33)
Module 10 – Get Involved
Start Exclusive Facebook Group

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    Hello from the Canary Islands! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for delivering so much valuable content! ♥ you rock!


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